The Social Sea Podcast – Your Time to Win is Now

     Do you have passionate dreams of starting your own business and commanding your future? Are you on the cusp of unleashing your talents but are unsure of your next steps? Stop what you are doing at this very moment, go to Thursday, July 8, 2021 on your calendar and enter the event  “Listen to The Social Sea Podcast.” This podcast is the entrepreneur’s game changer! 

     The Social Sea Podcast will feature powerful and insightful interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs. All of the amazing guests are in various stages of their professional and life journeys. Listening to the in-depth dialogues will give anyone on the fence about chasing their dreams the nudge to take that leap of faith. 

     Tune in every Thursday starting July 8, 2021 through November 2021 to hear hot topics on how digital marketing can help a current or potential business owner succeed during the pandemic and

far beyond. Receive thoughtful tips that will jumpstart or elevate your business. 

     Social Sea Podcast provides a safe haven for everyone but especially women and people of color to feel encouraged, uplifted and supported in their aspirations. The imposter syndrome and “crabs-in-a-barrel” mentalities are replaced with self-confidence, positivity and inclusivity. Social Sea Podcast is about people working together like a school of fish so that everyone can have success. 

     Get ready to have your mind awakened and the locks to your potential set free. Prepare yourself for the new beginnings awaiting you. The Social Sea Podcast will help you bait and hook. No need for tall fish tales; the fantasy will dim in the light of your incredible reality. The tools to seize your victory are just a click away.

Blog Written By Nichele Cosby

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