LaTonya Thomas, Owner of Creations By LaTonya

LaTonya Thomas is the owner and creator of Creations By LaTonya. She specializes in handmade jewelry, accessories and more. Some of her products include handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, custom domino sets, and barefoot sandals. She also has other products such as sunglasses, watches, baskets, bundles, and she is expanding her inventory soon. So stay tuned!

LaTonya started her business a few years ago when she saw a lady in the mall basically doing the same thing she is doing now. However, the lady in the mall was charging a lot for her products. LaTonya wanted to make custom jewelry for people too, but at a more affordable price, so Creations By LaTonya was born. She started with just making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Then she expanded to more products like sunglasses, popcorn, custom shirts, offering bundles and jewelry baskets for gifts. She will soon be launching lip gloss, lip scrub and more (which I have tried and is the only lipgloss I have ever used that literally lasts ALL DAY LONG).  

Some of the Creations By LaTonya products

To learn more about this incredible black woman small business owner check out our podcast interview this THURSDAY. We talk about how she started, her tips and tricks that she uses for digital marketing, and some random facts about LaTonya.

To purchase some of LaTonya’s handmade products go to or send her a direct message on Facebook (Creations By Latonya) or Instagram (CreationsByLaTonya).

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One thought on “LaTonya Thomas, Owner of Creations By LaTonya

  1. I have purchased jewelry from Creations by LaTonya and I love it! She has so many different shapes, colors and styles that can fit your fashion sense on any given day. Impressive!

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