Real Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing is the “right time to cast” portion of the social sea theory. It is using data gathered instantly to make a marketing decision in the moment. For example, there could be a popular hashtag that your business can use to promote a new product or service, so you decide to create an adContinue reading “Real Time Marketing”

Tierra Richardson, Owner of Lenas Designs

This Thursday we are going to be interviewing Tierra Richardson. Tierra is the owner of a small black business that was started at the beginning of COVID called Lenas Designs. Tierra’s company is named after her grandmother. You can purchase a variety of different products through Lenas Designs such as custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mugs,Continue reading “Tierra Richardson, Owner of Lenas Designs”

Social Media Analysis/Audit

Steps on how to conduct a social media analysis/audit and explanation of what part of the social sea theory this is.

LaTonya Thomas, Owner of Creations By LaTonya

LaTonya Thomas is the owner and creator of Creations By LaTonya. She specializes in handmade jewelry, accessories and more. Some of her products include handmade bracelets, earrings, necklaces, custom domino sets, and barefoot sandals. She also has other products such as sunglasses, watches, baskets, bundles, and she is expanding her inventory soon. So stay tuned!Continue reading “LaTonya Thomas, Owner of Creations By LaTonya”

What is Content Marketing and Why Use It?

Content Marketing is the right bait of my digital marketing theory. However, before we get into my theory let’s talk about what content marketing is. Content marketing is the process in which free content is made and shared in order to attract potential customers in the hopes of turning them into a buyer. This isContinue reading “What is Content Marketing and Why Use It?”

The Social Sea Podcast – Your Time to Win is Now

     Do you have passionate dreams of starting your own business and commanding your future? Are you on the cusp of unleashing your talents but are unsure of your next steps? Stop what you are doing at this very moment, go to Thursday, July 8, 2021 on your calendar and enter the event  “Listen to TheContinue reading “The Social Sea Podcast – Your Time to Win is Now”

Staying At Home? Now is the time to clean up your online marketing strategy

With the pandemic and social distancing going on, right now is the perfect time to clean up your online marketing strategy.